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White wine

In Our Lady of the Star, S.C.A. We have 140 producer members and 160 hectares of vineyards, we are a cooperative made up of small farmers…


For the production of our appreciated Chucena must wine, the “Zalema” grape variety predominates in the vineyards of our partners…

Sweet wine

Highlight the craftsmanship with which this sweet wine is obtained, the ripe and healthy bunch is cut, transported in boxes to the clam or walkway where it is spread out in the sun…

Welcome to Chucena Cooperative

Our Lady of the Star S.C.A. is the wine cooperative of Chucena, a small and charming town in the County of Huelva located in the surroundings of the Doñana National Park and is the border of the province with the Sevillian Aljarafe, where the cultivation of vines and the production of wine is one of the great economic engines.

At the Cooperative we combine tradition and new technologies to produce a unique white wine whose characteristics are due to its geographical environment and the Zalema grape variety with designation of origin “Condado de Huelva” and qualified as “VCPRD” quality wine produced in a region determined to comply with all community and national provisions, produced in a delimited area “Condado de Huelva”, with its own vine variety “uva zalema”, minimum natural alcoholic level, limited yield of kilos per hectare and use of a winemaking method and own cultural practices.

All the members of the Cooperative are small farmers who personally care for and work their vineyards to produce high-quality grapes from which our appreciated wine is extracted. The ripe grapes are cut by hand and transported to the cooperative where The must is ground and extracted and fermented in stainless steel cones with temperature control to obtain a high quality and natural wine since it does not contain added products.

Chucena white wine, due to its extraordinary quality, has managed to cross the borders of the Huelva County itself, it is highly requested by a loyal clientele and is widely accepted in the hospitality sector.

Our project to implement and develop digital transformation solutions in business management in the town of Chucena, which aims to contribute to the digital modernization and improvement of the competitiveness of Andalusian entities, has received aid from the European Union and from the Junta de Andalucía under the FEDER Operational Program of Andalusia 2014-2020.

The Visitor Center of Our Lady of the Star S.C.A. has been subsidized by the Excma. Huelva Provincial Council within the framework of “Investments destined for the tourism promotion of the County of Huelva Wine Route in 2022”

Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Estrella S.C.A.
C/ de la Cooperativa, 12 21891, Chucena -Huevla

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